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Founded in 2016, in just a few short years, Relevant has quickly grown into a national law firm with offices from Colorado Springs, Colorado, to Richmond, Virginia. Our innovative approach to law has attracted talented top lawyers who seek to a part of a company that aims to provide the client with a better customer experience, and customers who want to be treated like a "human" from lawyers and a law firm.
Our innovative model is simple. We start with a "Priority You" mindset. We use a modern and more sophisticated business model that eliminates much of the costly overhead and over-staffing traditionally associated with law firms. Our innovative approach to law firm management allows us to offer customers exactly what they are seeking: sophisticated, friendly legal advice from highly knowledgeable attorneys, at attractive, affordable rates.
Relevant exists to conduct legal work in a smarter, more efficient and affordable way, while delivering best practices service. Relevant attorneys have the experience to handle the simple and complex matters. We are a forward-thinking law practice passionately committed to better service with better solutions. It’s a big promise, we know.
We embrace a culture of innovation with a focus on strong leadership, openness to experimentation, and a willingness that “pushes the limit” of what can be possible with modern technology, while delivering an overarching focus on the customer.

See why more clients are trusting Relevant.

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See why more clients are trusting Relevant.

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